General Description

SMART BLADE GmbH has developed and tested fixed leading edge slat solutions for wind turbine blades. After our parametric investigations with numerical simulation software we tested our solutions in the wind tunnel in order to verify our results. Both simulations and measurements showed significant reduction of the flow separation at the inner region of the blades. This leads to drag reduction and lift increase, hence performance increase from an otherwise conventional blade. We offer the Leading Edge Slat as a custom, optimized aerodynamic element for wind turbines in the field (add-on retrofit) or implementation at the blade design process.

We have performed several wind tunnel measurements as well as numerical simulations with state of the art fluid dynamic codes in order to optimize the size and overall performance of wind turbine airfoils equipped with leading edge slat. We offer design solutions for custom leading edge slat implementation on individual wind turbines (retrofit) or new wind turbine blade designs. The modular design of the leading edge slat allows conventional wind turbine blade production and handling as well as fast and trouble-free implementation of the element.

NACA 6-series plain airfoil
NACA 6-series airfoil with leading edge slat [Source: SMART BLADE]


The SMART BLADE Research & Development team published and presented a scientific paper on Leading Edge Slats for Wind Turbines at the DEWEK 2010 conference in Bremen (Germany). 

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