General Description

SMART BLADE GmbH provided the design for an advanced wind tunnel test wing for the Hermann Foettinger Institute of TU Berlin. The design requirements were quite demanding since it was necessary to incorporate a large number of features inside the test wing. Some of the main features of the test wing are presented bellow: 

- Modular construction: The wing can me split in 6 parts which are exchangeable and are fixed together in a way that allows the easy handling of the wing. The individual parts are designed and manufactured in a way that the overall wing maintains perfect aerodynamic characteristics.

- Low weight: The wing is precisely machined out of solid form making material with the use of 5-axis CNC milling machine. This production process allows for advanced internal design solutions with many weight reducing openings.

- Integration of Sensors and Actuators: The purpose of the blade was the investigation of active flow control solutions. For this reason several static and dynamic pressure sensors were integrated in the design as well as ports for Zero Mass Flux actuators.

View of the rear segments of the test blade [Source: SMART BLADE]
View of the front segments of the test blade [Source: SMART BLADE]