General Description

SMART BLADE developed the SMARTviz analysis method that allows to extract quantitative data from tuft flow visualizations. We offer this service to turbine operators and manufactures since 2012 and already profiled over 20 different blades in field. The method combines a classical flow tuft visualization with a per tuft statistical analysis over the complete operational range of the turbine. Whether you want to identify steady stall regions in the blade root or sources of noise at the blade trailing edge or wish an experimental validation for your CFD calculation, the SMARTViz technique offers you a deep aerodynamic insight in the flow around your blade. 


Blade equipped with woolen flow indicators (flow tufts) and high resolution digital optics.

SMARTviz Results

The results of a SMARTviz process include various spatial and temporal aerodynamic flow characteristics and higher order statistical information. Some of the typical results are presented bellow:

● Mean flow direction (streamlines).
● Streamline variation in different wind speed regions (or other operational regimes).
● Streamline variation for various rotor positions.
● Statistical information on the standard deviation of each flow tuft.
● Crossflow iso-contours along the blade.

Standard deviation of flow tuft angles on a >50m blade.
Interpolated streamlines showing the root region cross-flow on a >30m blade.

Flow visualization for optimal VG placement

SMART BLADE uses this deep analysis of the blade aerodynamics in actual field conditions for all VG solutions. Armed with a highly accurate map of the blade aerodynamics, a VG solution is designed specifically for that unique blade design. Unlike most other VGs available, our product  has the flexibility to place each individual VG in exactly the right location and orientation resulting in maximum AEP gains.

Flow separation on a >2MW turbine with and without VGs.