Both wind turbine blade manufacturers as well as wind turbine operators often face problems with the blade production quality or the aerodynamic performance of their wind turbines (Reduced energy yield, unsatisfactory power curve e.t.c). SMART BLADE® is able to provide consulting services in the field of both wind turbine blade manufacturing and of aerodynamic performance thus helping its customers from the wind turbine blade industry and wind turbine operation to solve their blade related problems.

Our consulting services cover several fields such as:

  • Wind turbine blade design

  • Dedicated wind turbine airfoil design including wind tunnel validation

  • Wind turbine blade/rotor load analysis

  • On-site blade structural damage & repair assasment

  • Knowledge transfer & Education

  • Wind energy yield prediction (via aerodynamic simulation)

  • Development & Implementation of Custom Passive Flow Control solutions (e.g. Vortex Generators)

  • Development of Active Flow Control solutions (e.g. Flexible Flaps)

  • Blade production process streamlining and problem-solving

  • Blade quality assurance consulting services