One of the areas which were always important for Smart Blade is small wind energy.

We have designed several blades for small wind turbines and even designed and build a 50kW, direct driven, speed variable stall turbine for private domestic use. The prototype of this turbine was installed in 2015 in Germany and the design is sold as a license to a european customer, who will start series production in 2016.

Factory assembly of 50kW prototype
Specifications of 50kW small wind turbine developed by Smart Blade
Rated Power 50 kW
Rotor Diameter 15.96 m
Hub Height 20 / 30 / 36 m
Rotor Speed Range 0...58 rpm
Cut-in Wind Speed 3 m/s
Rated Wind Speed 12 m/s
Cut- out Wind Speed 25 m/s
50- year Gust 59.5 m/s
Wind Class IEC IIa
Temperature Range (Operation) -10…+40°C (other on request)
Rated Voltage 3x400 VAC
Power Factor 0,9 -1, capacitive and inductive, remotely adjustable
Rated Frequency 50 /60 Hz


  • Direct drive without gearbox
  • Speed variable for optimum output and low noise
  • no gearbox, no hydraulics
  • maintenance friendly with easy access to all components
  • prepared for stand- alone solutions
  • Optional including controls with diesel generators and PV- systems

Custom designs

Besides that, our engineers also design custom solutions, like wind tunnel test turbines, with unique and very special requirements.