A focus of our work is the design of rotor blades for wind turbines and the development of new airfoil designs. SMART BLADE® is constantly working on new aerodynamic solutions for innovative rotor blade concepts. Our high-performance software supports our creativity, to find “out-of-the-box” solutions for our customers.

We offer you support for all topics concerning wind turbine rotor blades!

Basic wind turbine blade plan-form analyzed with a 3D Panel Method code
Isometric view of a blade and its wake


The preliminary design and simulation of our aerodynamic profiles is carried out with the established tools XFOIL/RFOIL. Moreover, 2D and 3D CFD simulations are applied for the determination of the aerodynamic performance of the blades. We make use of the open source toolbox OpenFOAM™. To generate our CFD grids we use our in-house hyperbolic grid generator. This hyperbolic mesh method, originally developed in the early 90's by NASA offers very high grid quality and cost-efficiency at the same time. With an intelligent automation routine, we shorten the length of the labour intensive and time consuming preparation work, making the whole process more efficient. 

We have adopted the solution of Cloud CFD computing in order to achieve high hardware flexibility and performance efficiency. We are able to generate very large meshes on the Cloud and solve aerodynamic CFD problems via parallelized Cloud computing.

Through our close collaboration with the Hermann Föttinger Institute of the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin), we have direct access to the large wind tunnel of the institute (GroWiKa). There we test our profiles to validate and tune our simulations. Having years of experience in experimental aerodynamics, we offer as well the whole spectrum of wind tunnel testing to our customers.

CFD simulation of a wind turbine airfoil
2D CFD simulation with cp contour plot

Load Simulations

Multi body simulation using ADAMS2AD

For aero elastic load computations, we use the open-source routines of NREL (FAST). We prefer these to other commercial software since we are able to adapt the codes individually to our needs. We find of great importance to optimize the interfaces between the individual calculation codes, to maximize our efficiency. For more advanced aero-servo-elastic simulations we use the interface ADAMS2AD for creating multi body models of wind turbines.

We primarily perform aeroelastic modeling and simulation for general blade design purposes. However are also use these tools for the investigation of the effects of our aerodynamic performance boosting devices (e.g. Vortex Generators) to the wind turbine structure.

Structural Design

For the structural design of our rotor blades, we cooperate closely with our partners CompBlades and the CORE-Team of the University of Patras (Prof. Philippidis). We collectively bring decades of experience in blade design, manufacturing and composites, thus forming a strategic alliance which our customers profit from. Once again, customized software developments help us to streamline our workflow.

We have developed a fully integrated state-of-the-art non-linear beam model tool that serves as a preliminary stage to more detailed FEA simulations. The development of in-house aerodynamic and structural codes allows us to fine tune the data exchange interfaces thus achieving a high level of automatization and design efficiency.

Structural layup of blade section used for FEA simulation
Sample FEA simulation performed by the CORE-Team

Rotor Blade Production

SMART BLADE® also delivers (via its production partner Compblades) rotor blades for small and medium sized wind turbines. We offer custom blade design and manufacturing processes with various materials, tailored to our customer's needs. As the demands in this area vary, we offer individual and flexible solutions matching the requirements of every system.

Small Wind Turbine Rotorblades

One of the special areas of expertise of SMART BLADE is the custom design of small wind turbine rotorblades specially tailored for the customer's requirements. 

Small wind turbine blades are usually not equipped with active power regulation systems (e.g. blade pitch) while at the same time they need to achieve high performance in order to achieve the energy production expectations of the customers. That makes the cost effective aerodynamic and structural design of such blades a quite demanding task. 

SMART BLADE has performed several small wind turbine rotorblade designs with spans ranging from 1m to 9m. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our small rotorblade design capabilities or our currently available rotorblade designs.

Please download our portfolio of available blade designs for production or licensing. Our relevant scientific publications in the field of small wind turbine rotorblades are also at your disposal upon request. 

Schematic representation of a 7m hybrid stall rotorblade design of SMART BLADE.

More Information

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